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Paula Porter examining Hatch green chile field

Paula examining a local Hatch Green Chile field

La Cocina Donde Nos Juntamos!

Some time ago as a young lady, my sisters and I would gather in the cocina with my mother to learn the basics of cooking for a family of 9. Sitting around the kitchen table, my mother would spend time telling us about spices and measurements so that we would be able to prepare meals on our own. At the age of 11, I was finally ready to prepare my first meal alone, well with my mom looking over my shoulder. How those times have changed!

At that point in time I realized how much I enjoyed la cocina! I loved the warmth and banter of my sisters and parents and the communion that we enjoyed. Later, I would take my mother’s recipes and add my own flare to them. Cooking gave me a sense of peace and a space to breathe in a house with 8 females. As time passed I would change and improve the flavors of those recipes by adding or replacing a few spices. And thus the flavors of Paulita’s were born.

In 1978 my father took a pastorate position in Roswell New Mexico, and oh my how my taste buds have changed through the years. I remember my first outing to a New Mexican food restaurant and asking for enchiladas. The waitress asked me if I wanted Red or Green. My response was that of a normal first time non-New Mexican, “I don’t want red or green, I want enchiladas”.

I love the taste of New Mexico Green Chile. Had I only known that such a wonderful flavor was waiting to be unlocked in the work of La Cocina donde nos Juntamos! Our cocina has never been the same and we still gather to prepare meals and enjoy our families together. My sincere hope is that the flavors of Paulita’s will bring your families and loved ones together in the same fashion as ours. Please enjoy the richness and unique taste of New Mexico.


Si vale la pena hacerlo, vale la pena hacerlo bien.

If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

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I have been using your products and wanted to let you know delicious it is. I have made it for my daughter and son. We have used the sauce, marinade and seasoning and it tastes great. I want you to know that I think you have a real winner on your hands. I’m even going to use it our the turkey I’m going to smoke. Thank you!

Donna from New Mexico

From the first time I tried Paulita’s Green Chile Seasoning I was hooked! I immediately requested to try the Green Chile Sauce which by the way has the greatest bite of spiciness! The one box made enough for 2 dinners worth! I’m excited to now try the marinade, I have no doubt I will not be disappointed. Paulita’s will be a regular staple in my pantry!

Priscilla Tavernier

I have tried your green chilie seasoning and I have found this to be one of my favorite seasonings! Its great to add as a seasoning while cooking also as extra flavoring to food.. I have shared some products with my family and everyone enjoys the flavor it adds! The green chilie sauce is also amazing and easy to make… This is good for enchiladas, or any added green chilie sauc..

I look forward to getting more products – ( As Ive already put in holiday orders!)

Leah Gurule

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